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What To Do On Your Arrival

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

There is a general rule of procedure to follow in reporting for duty at

any post or training camp.

1. If you receive an order directing you to report for duty at a

camp or post at a certain specified time, read it carefully, put it

in a secure place, and, on the day that you are to report for duty

at the camp or post, present yourself in uniform, if you have one,

with your order. Be ca
eful not to lose your order or leave it at

home. Have it in your pocket book.

2. Upon being assigned to a company, unless you receive orders to

the contrary, report at once with your baggage to your company

commander (captain), whom you can easily find when you reach your

barracks or company street. If you cannot locate your company

commander, report to the first sergeant.

3. It is a custom of the service to have an experienced soldier

explain to a new man exactly where he is to go and what he is to do.

Feel no embarrassment at being ignorant of your new duties and

surroundings. The Government does not expect anything of you except

eagerness to learn and willingness to obey.

4. After reporting to your company commander or first sergeant, you

will have a bed assigned to you and you will be issued the property

and uniforms necessary to your comfort and duties. Check your

property carefully as it is issued to you. You will have to sign for

all of it. Look after your property at all times.

5. After checking your property, make up your bed and arrange neatly

your personal and issued property on or under your bed or cot.

6. Spend all your spare time cleaning your rifle and bayonet until

they satisfy your company commander. Then keep them clean.

7. Don't leave the company street or barracks on the first day,

except with the permission of your company commander. Don't ask for

this permission unless you have a valid reason.