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To Enter The Reserve Officers' Corps

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The President is authorized, under such regulations as he may prescribe,

to appoint in the Officers' Reserve Corps any graduate of the senior

division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, who shall have

satisfactorily completed the two-year course of training (five hours a

week), incident to receiving a commutation of rations; also any graduate

of the junior division who shall have satisfactorily completed the

es of military training prescribed for students of the senior

divisions, referred to in the first part of this paragraph, and shall

have participated in such practical instruction, subsequent to

graduation, as the Secretary of War shall have prescribed. They must be

twenty-one years of age and must make written agreement under oath to

serve the United States for ten years.

Any physically fit male citizen of the United States, between the ages

of twenty-one and twenty-seven years, who graduated prior to June 22,

1916, from any educational institution at which an officer of the Army

was detailed as professor of military science and tactics, and who,

while a student at such institution, completed courses of military

training substantially equivalent to those prescribed for the senior

division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, may, after

satisfactorily completing such additional practical military training as

the Secretary of War shall prescribe, be eligible for appointment to the

Officers' Reserve Corps.

The President can appoint and commission, as a temporary second

lieutenant of the Regular Army in time of peace, for the purpose of

instruction and for a period not to exceed six months, any Reserve

Officer who was appointed in the manner described in the two preceding

paragraphs. A temporary second lieutenant will receive the allowance

authorized by law for that grade and pay at the rate of $100 a month. He

will be attached to a unit of the Regular Army for duty and training. At

the end of the six months he will revert to the status of a Reserve