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The Officers' Reserve Corps In War

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

In time of actual or threatened hostilities the President can order

officers of the Reserve Corps to temporary duty with the Regular Army,

or as officers at recruiting rendezvous and depots, or on such duty as

he may prescribe. An officer thus called into service receives the same

pay and allowances as an officer of the same rank in the Regular Army.

When thus called out Reserve Officers may be promoted in rank to

vacancies in volunteer organizations. Retired officers of the Officers'

Reserve Corps are not entitled to retired pay but are entitled to

pensions for disability incurred in line of duty and while in active

service. When called out for active service an officer in the Reserve

Corps will be required to obey the laws and regulations for the

government of the Army of the United States in so far as they are

applicable to officers whose permanent retention in the military service

is not contemplated.