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The Assembly

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Being deployed: 1. Assemble, 2. MARCH.

The men move toward the corporal and form in their proper places.

If the corporal continues to advance, the men move in double time, form,

and follow him.

The assembly while marching to the rear is not executed.

Note. It will be better for the beginner to let the remainder of

this chapter go for awhile. Your instruc
or will explain all of the

following points in a way that will be easier for you than for you

to try to work them out alone. They will come up in the first

month's work and will be explained and shown as you go along. As

you become more proficient we advise you, then, to take up the

remainder of the chapter.

If standing: KNEEL.

Half face to the right; carry the right toe about 1 foot to the left

rear of the left heel; kneel on the right knee, sitting as nearly as

possible on the right heel; left forearm across left thigh; piece

remains in position of order arms, right hand grasping it above the

lower hand.

If standing or kneeling: LIE DOWN.

Kneel, but with right knee against left heel; carry back the left foot

and lie flat on the belly, inclining body about 35 degrees to the

right; piece horizontal, barrel up, muzzle off the ground and pointed to

the front; elbows on the ground; left hand at the balance, right hand

grasping the small of the stock opposite the neck. This is the position

of order arms, lying down.

If kneeling or lying down: RISE.

If kneeling, stand up, faced to the front, on the ground marked by the

left heel.

If lying down, raise body on both knees; stand up, faced to the front,

on the ground marked by the knees.

If lying down: KNEEL.

Raise the body on both knees; take the position of kneel.

In double rank, the positions of kneeling and lying down are ordinarily

used only for the better utilization of cover.

When deployed as skirmishers, a sitting position may be taken in lieu of

the kneeling position.