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Senior Division

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

A senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps may be

established at any university and college requiring of its students four

years of collegiate study for a degree, and at essentially military

schools which, as a result of annual inspection of such institutions by

the War Department, are especially designated as qualified to establish

a unit of the senior division. Authorities of the former (universities

d colleges not essentially military) must establish and maintain a two

years' elective or compulsory course of military training, as a minimum,

for its physically fit male students. This course, when entered upon,

must in the case of such students be a prerequisite for graduation.

When any member of this senior division has completed two academic years

of service in that division; has been selected by the president of the

institution and by its professor of military science and tactics (who

must be an army officer); has made a written agreement to continue in

the Reserve Officers' Training Corps for the remainder of his course in

the institution, devoting five hours per week to the military training

prescribed by the Secretary of War; has also made a written agreement to

pursue the courses in training camps (one camp of not more than six

weeks' duration each year) prescribed by the Secretary of War)--when he

has fulfilled all these conditions, he may be given, at the expense of

the United States, a money commutation of subsistence at a rate not

exceeding the cost of the garrison (army) ration during the remainder of

his service in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. This will amount to

about thirty cents a day. This provision applies only to the senior