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Range Finders

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual Advanced Training

Five or six enlisted men, selected by the company

[Illustration: This shows the path of the bullet (Line of Trajectory) of

the 1917 Rifle (Enfield).

The Line of Aim, we see, connects the eye, the rear sight, the front

sight and the bottom part of the target. It is a straight line.

We see that the Line of Trajectory crosses the Line of Aim at two

points. The distance between the
e points is 452 yards. Therefore, 452

yards is the Battle Sight Range for the 1917 Rifle.]

To hit the target squarely when it is 200 yards away, the

Line of Aim must be under it, as shown in the diagram.]

commander from those most skilled, will be designated as Range

Finders. These men are practised in estimating distance throughout the

year. Their practice will be on varied ground and at distances up to

2000 yards. These men assist the company commander when the company is

on the defensive, in estimating the distances to the prominent objects

in view before the action commences; and at other times when the company

commander needs their assistance.