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Categories: PATROLLING
Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual Advanced Training

Before going out the patrol commander will make a careful inspection of

the members of his patrol in order to see:

1. That the members are in a suitable condition for the duty to be

performed. (Not drunk, sick, lame, having a bad cough, etc.)

2. That each man is properly armed and has the requisite amount of


3. That the accoutrement is so arranged that it will not r
ttle or

glisten in the sunlight.

4. That no man has anything about him that will afford the enemy

valuable information in the event of capture.

At the conclusion of this inspection he will, in the presence of the

officer sending out the patrol, go over his orders, giving his men all

the information that he has of the enemy and his own troops; state the

duty (mission) of the patrol so that all may know what they are going to

accomplish, and he will follow this with a statement of his general plan

for carrying it out. He will designate an assembly point should the

patrol be dispersed. He will designate a second in command should he be