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Route Step And At Ease

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The column of squads is the habitual column of route, but route step

and at ease are applicable to any marching formation.

To march at route step: 1. Route step, 2. MARCH. Sabers are carried at

will or in the scabbard; the men carry their pieces at will, keeping the

muzzles elevated; they are not required to preserve silence, nor to keep

the step. The ranks cover and preserve their distance. If halted from

route step, the men stand at rest.

To march at ease: 1. At ease, 2. MARCH.

The company marches as in route step, except that silence is preserved

when hated, the men remain at ease.

Marching at route step or at ease: 1. Company, 2. ATTENTION.

At the command attention the pieces are brought to the right shoulder

and the cadenced step in quick time is resumed.