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School Of The Soldier

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Based on the Infantry Drill Regulations

Success in battle is the ultimate object of all military training; hence

the excellence of an organization is judged by its field efficiency.

Your instruction will be progressive in character, and will have as its

ultimate purpose the creation of a company measuring up to a high

standard of field efficiency.

The Preparatory
ommand, such as Forward, indicates the movement that is

to be executed.

The Command of Execution, such as MARCH, HALT, or ARMS, commences the

execution of the movement.

Preparatory Commands are distinguished by bold face, those of execution

by capitals. As, 1. Forward, 2. MARCH.

The average man understands better and learns faster when you show him

how a thing is done. Don't be content with telling him how. Bear this in

mind when you become an instructor.

On account of the absence of the Regular Army on the border, it was not

practical to obtain photographs of regular troops with which to

illustrate this book. The photographs used were taken under the direct

supervision of the authors.