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Steps And Marchings

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

All steps and marchings executed from a halt, except right step, begin

with the left foot.

The length of the full step in quick time is 30 inches, measured from

heel to heel, and the cadence is at the rate of 120 steps per minute.

The length of the full step in double time is 36 inches; the cadence is

at the rate of 180 steps per minute.

The instructor, when necessary, indicates the cadence of the step by

calling one, two, three, four, or left, right, the instant the left and

right foot, respectively, should be planted.

All steps and marchings and movements involving march are executed in

quick time unless the squad be marching in double time, or double

time be added to the command; in the latter case double time is added

to the preparatory command. Example: 1. Squad right, double time, 2.

MARCH (School of the Squad).