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Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The military salute is universal. It is at foundation but a courteous

recognition between two individuals of their common fellowship in the

same honorable profession, the profession of arms. Regulations require

that it be rendered by both the senior and the junior, as bare courtesy

requires between gentlemen in civil life. It is the military equivalent

of the laymen's expressions Good Morning, or How do you do?

e be punctilious about saluting; be proud of the manner in which

you execute your salute, and make it indicative of discipline and good

breeding. Always look at the officer you are saluting. The junior

salutes first. It is very unmilitary to salute with the left hand in a

pocket, or with a cigarette, cigar, or pipe in the mouth. Observe the

following general rules:

1. Never salute an officer when you are in ranks.

2. Indoors (in your tent) unarmed, do not salute but stand at

attention, uncovered, on the entrance of an officer. If he speaks

to you, then salute.

3. Indoors, armed, render the prescribed salute, i.e., the rifle

salute at order arms or at trail.

4. Outdoors, armed, render the prescribed salute, i.e., the rifle

salute at right shoulder arms.

5. Outdoors, unarmed, or armed with side arms, salute with the

right hand.