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Rules For Guides

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

A guide is a noncommissioned officer or a private upon whom the company

regulates its march.

It is not difficult for an inexperienced man learn, with a little

practice, the duties and the correct positions of a guide. Remember the

rule of thumb, The guide and the file closers are on the opposite

flanks when the company is in column of squads. In squads right about

it would be ridiculous for the file closers to move from one flank to

another. Guides are permitted and supposed look around to see if they

are in their proper places; most new men are timid about this.

The following general rules and examples will help you:

The guide of a company or platoon in line is right, unless otherwise


The guide of a company or platoon in column of squads is toward the side

of the guide, who places himself on the side of the company away from

the file closers.

The guide of a deployed line (a skirmish line) is always center unless

otherwise announced.