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Rules Of Conduct For Camp Life

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The first few days will be easy and profitable if you will read

carefully and adhere to the following plan of procedure:

1. Get up at the first note of reveille and get quickly into proper


2. Get within two or three feet of your place in ranks and await the

sounding of assembly for reveille and then step into ranks.

3. Stand at attention after the f
rst sergeant commands Fall In.

Remember that this command is equivalent to Company, Attention.

4. After reveille, make up your bed, arrange neatly your equipment,

and clean up the ground under and around your cot. The company

commander will require the beds made up and the equipment arranged

in a prescribed way.

5. Wash for breakfast.

6. Upon returning from breakfast, go at once to the toilet. Next,

prepare the equipment prescribed to be worn to drill. This is

especially important when the full pack is prescribed. Assist your

tent mates in policing the ground in and around your tent.

7. If you need medical attention give your name to the first

sergeant at reveille and report to him at his tent upon your return

from breakfast. Don't wait until you are sick to report to the

hospital, but go as soon as you feel in the least unwell.

8. When the first call for drill is blown, put on your equipment,

inspect your bed and property to see that everything is in order,

and then go to your place in ranks.

9. After the morning drill, get ready for dinner. Get a little rest

at this time if possible.

10. After dinner a short rest is usually allowed before the

afternoon drill. Take advantage of this opportunity; get off your

feet and rest. Be quiet so that your tent mates may rest.

11. Following the afternoon drill there is a short intermission

before the ceremony of retreat. During this time take a quick bath,

shave, get into the proper uniform for retreat, shine your shoes and

brush your clothes and hat. Be the neatest man in the company.

12. Supper usually follows retreat.

13. After supper, you usually have some spare time until taps. The

Y. M. C. A. generally provides a place supplied with Bibles,

newspapers, good magazines, and writing material. Don't be ashamed

to read the Bible. Don't forget to write to the folks back home.

14. Be in bed with lights out at taps. After taps and before

reveille, remain silent, thus showing consideration for those who

are sleeping or trying to sleep.

15. Consult the company bulletin board at least twice daily. On this

bulletin board is usually found the following information:

(a) A list of calls.

(b) The proper uniform for each formation.

(c) Schedule of drills.

(d) Special orders and instructions.

16. Get all your orders from (a) the bulletin board, (b) the first

sergeant, (c) the acting noncommissioned officers, (d) the company

commander. Don't put much faith in rumors.