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Night Operations

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

By employing night operations troops make use of the cover of darkness

to minimize losses from hostile fire, to escape observation, to gain

time. (Infantry Drill Regulations.) They are dangerous because control

is difficult and confusion is frequently unavoidable. Only trained

troops should be used, and the formation must be simple. Don't attempt

anything complicated.

Observe the following suggestions. Fo
an attack or offensive movement:

(1) Study by daylight and after dark, if possible, the ground you are

to cross.

(2) Make careful preparations with secrecy.

(3) Avoid fire action. Pieces should not be loaded. Rely on the


(4) Give each unit a definite objective and direction. Avoid collision.

(5) Have each man wear a distinctive badge. (For instance, a white band

on one arm.)

If on the defensive and you expect a night attack, place obstacles in

front of your position, heavily patrol your front, fix bayonets, move up

your supports, open fire as soon as results may be expected, and

illuminate the foreground.