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Loadings And Firings

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

The commands for loading and firing are the same whether standing,

kneeling, or lying down. The firings are always executed at a halt.

When kneeling or lying down in double rank, the rear rank does not load,

aim, or fire.

The instruction in firing will be preceded by a command for loading.

Loadings are executed in line and skirmish line only.

Pieces, having been o
dered loaded, are kept loaded without command

until the command unload, or inspection arms, fresh clips being

inserted when the magazine is exhausted.

The aiming point or target is carefully pointed out. This may be done

before or after announcing the sight setting. Both are indicated before

giving the command for firing, but may be omitted when the target

appears suddenly and is unmistakable; in such case battle sight is used

if no sight setting is announced.

The target or aiming point having been designated and the sight setting

announced, such designation or announcement need not be repeated until a

change of either or both is necessary.

Troops are trained to continue their fire upon the aiming point or

target designated, and at the sight setting announced, until a change is


If the men are not already in the position of load, that position is

taken at the announcement of the sight setting; if the announcement is

omitted, the position is taken at the first command for firing.

When deployed, the use of the sling as an aid to accurate firing is

discretionary with each man.