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The Oblique March

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

For the instruction of recruits, the squad being in column or correctly

aligned, the instructor causes the squad to face half right (or half

left), points out to the men their relative positions, and explains that

these are to be maintained in the oblique march.

1. Right (left) oblique, 2. MARCH.

Each man steps off in a direction 45 degrees to the right of his

original front. He preserves his relative position, keeping his

shoulders parallel to those of the guide (the man on the right front of

the line or column), and so regulates his steps that the ranks remain

parallel to their original front.

At the command halt, the men halt faced to the front.

To resume the original direction: 1. Forward, 2. MARCH.

The men half face to the left in marching and then move straight to the


If at half step or mark time while obliquing, the oblique march is

resumed by the commands: 1. Oblique, 2. MARCH.