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The Land Forces Of The United States

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

You now are, or expect to become, a member of the land forces of the

United States. Of what do the land forces of the United States consist?

They consist of the Regular Army, the Volunteer Army, the Officers'

Reserve Corps, the Enlisted Reserve Corps, the National Army, the

National Guard in the service of the United States and such other land

forces as Congress may authorize.

The land forces are grouped
nder two general heads:

(1) The Mobile Army.

(2) The Coast Artillery.

The Mobile Army. The mobile army is primarily organized for offensive

operations against an enemy, and on this account requires the maximum

degree of mobility. (Field Service Regulations.) It consists of:


Field Artillery.



Signal Corps Troops.

The Coast Artillery. The coast artillery is charged with the care and

use of the fixed and movable elements of the land and coast

fortifications. (Field Service Regulations.)

The President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the

Army. He exercises his command through the Secretary of War. The Chief

of Staff acts as military adviser to the Secretary of War. He puts into

effect the Administration's wishes.

For the purpose of equipping, inspecting, directing, and administering

to the Army, there are the following corps and departments:

(1) General Staff Corps.

(2) Adjutant General's Department.

(3) Inspector General's Department.

(4) Judge Advocate General's Department.

(5) Quartermaster Corps.

(6) Medical Department.

(7) Ordnance Department.

(8) Bureau of Insular Affairs.

(9) Signal Corps.

(10) Engineer Corps.

The following are the grades of rank and commands of officers and

noncommissioned officers:

(1) General Commands: Armies.

(2) Lieutenant-General Commands: Field Army.

(3) Major-General Commands: Division.

(4) Brigadier-General Commands: Brigade.

(5) Colonel Commands: Regiment.

(6) Lieutenant-Colonel Second in command in a Regiment.

(7) Major Commands: Battalion.

(8) Captain Commands: Company.

(9) First Lieutenant Commands: Platoon.

(10) Second Lieutenant Commands: Platoon.

(11) Veterinarian He has no command.

(12) Cadet at United States Military Academy He has no command.

(13) Sergeant-Major (Regimental) He has no command.

(14) Ordnance Sergeant He has no command.

(15) Quartermaster Sergeant He has no command.

(16) Sergeant-Major (Battalion) He has no command.

(17) First Sergeant Commands: Platoon.

(18) Sergeant Commands: Sometimes a Platoon.

(19) Corporal Commands: Squad.