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The Ration

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

A ration is the allowance (money) for the subsistence of one person for

one day. It is based on the cost of a fixed amount of certain foods

(such as meat, potatoes, bread, etc.) necessary for a workingman. As the

cost of food in the different sections of the country varies, so does

the cost of the ration. There are several kinds of ration based on what

the soldier is doing and the climate he is in. If you are ever in

mmand of a company, whether in the field or in barracks, one of your

most important duties will be to supervise the cooking and messing of

your company. You should, therefore, become familiar with the following


(1) Garrison rations. Used by troops in garrison and during peace and

on manoeuvers.

(2) Reserve ration. Carried on the person and in the trains.

(3) Field ration. The ration prescribed by the commander of a field


(4) Travel ration. Used when traveling.

(5) Emergency ration. Used by troops on an active campaign in an


(6) Filipino ration. For use of Filipino Scouts.