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To Mark Time

Military Handbooks: The Plattsburg Manual

Being in march: 1. Mark time, 2. MARCH. At the command march, given as

either foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the other foot; bring

up the foot in rear and continue the cadence by alternately raising each

foot about 2 inches and planting it on line with the other.

Being at a halt, at the command march, raise and plant the feet as

prescribed above. Common errors are to raise the feet several inches and

to run up the cadence, i.e., go too fast.

1. Half step, 2. MARCH.

Take steps of 15 inches in quick time, 18 inches in double time.

Forward, half step, halt, and mark time may be executed one from the

other in quick or double time. Any step less than the full step (i.e.,

half step, right step, or backward) is apt to be too fast, i.e., greater

than 120 steps a minute.

To resume the full step from half step or mark time: 1. Forward, 2.