A hundred years or more after the time of Alfred the Great there was a king of England named Ca-nute. King Canute was a Dane; but the Danes were not so fierce and cruel then as they had been when they were at war with King Alfred. The grea... Read more of KING CANUTE ON THE SEASHORE at Stories Poetry.comInformational Site Network Informational
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Do not pull the clothing from the burnt part, but rip...

Was It The Field Fairy?
Jack and his sister Nina were two little orphans who...

A mixed outpost is composed principally of infantry. ...

Fourth Movement Column Right
Being in column of squads, to change direction: 1. Co...

Stack And Take Arms
The subject of stack and take arms is less important ...

Appearance Of Objects
Become familiar with the effect which the varying con...

To Diminish The Front Of A Column Of Squads
Being in column of squads: 1. Right (left) by twos, 2. ...

Camp Sanitation
In camp you are really your brother's keeper. It is the...

The Ration
A ration is the allowance (money) for the subsistence...

The Tell-tale Goblin
Once upon a time there was a Little Fairy who loved ...

Freezing And Frostbite

Symptom: The part frozen appears white or bluish and is cold.

Treatment: Raise the temperature of the frozen member slowly by
rubbing it with snow or ice and water, in a cool place. Don't go near a

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