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Most of the gas used on the battlefield today is deadly. When a gas
shell explodes there are two kinds of men: Quick men and Dead men.
The quick men put on their gas masks, which contain chemicals that
neutralize the poisonous air.

Treatment: When a man is slightly gassed don't allow him to move
around or to remove his mask. Have him lie down and rest. Loosen his
clothes around his neck and chest so he can breathe freely. Keep him
warm. When the gas has been removed from the trench, take off his mask
and give spirits of ammonia.


Commissioned Officers

Captain. 1
1st Lieutenant. 1
2nd Lieutenant. 1
Total 3

Enlisted Strength

1st Sergeant. 1
Mess Sergeant. 1
Supply Sergeant. 1
Sergeants. 8
Corporals. 17
Cooks. 3
Buglers. 2
Mechanics. 2
Privates, 1st class. 28
Privates. 87
Total 150

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