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Tent Pitching
On the hike the camp will be laid out daily in adva...

The Rain Elves
The Rain Elf children had been shut up in their hous...

Close Order
In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignmen...

Information For Schools And Colleges Armed With Rifles Model 1898
War Department, Office of the Chief of Staff, Was...

The Tell-tale Goblin
Once upon a time there was a Little Fairy who loved ...

Requisites Of A Good Defensive Position
If you were looking for a good defensive position, wh...

Selection Of A Camping Ground
Suppose that you were sent on ahead of troops on the ...

During the hike your equipment for living will be limit...

The Frogs And The Fairies
In a pond in a dell lived a big family of frogs, and...

School Of The Soldier
Based on the Infantry Drill Regulations Success ...


Symptom: Loss of consciousness. It is usually the result of severe
bleeding or exhaustion from fatigue. This condition is rarely dangerous.

Treatment: Lay the patient on his back, head a little lower than rest
of body, arms by side, feet extended. Rub the limbs. Sprinkle water on
the face and give stimulants if necessary.

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