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Selection Of A Camping Ground
Suppose that you were sent on ahead of troops on the ...

Discontented Dewdrop
One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the peta...

Conduct Of The Patrol
In communicating with each other for ordinary purpose...

Facing Or Marching To The Rear
Being in line, line of platoons, or in column of plat...

Sallie Hicks's Forefinger
Sallie Hicks was a little girl who was good most of ...

The Officers' Reserve Corps In War
In time of actual or threatened hostilities the Presi...

Old North Wind
Old North Wind lived away up in the North Pole Land ...

School Of The Soldier
Based on the Infantry Drill Regulations Success ...

The rear sight is set on a movable base so that it ca...

The Actual Defense
Let us suppose now that our battalion, occupying this...

Field Exercises

These exercises, as well as combat exercises, are for instruction in
duties incident to campaign. To receive the maximum benefit from them
you must know the assumed situation of each exercise.

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