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Mr Fox's Housewarming
Mr. Fox had been so much disturbed by Mr. Dog and hi...

Position Of A Soldier At Attention
No. 1. Eyes to the front. Hands hang naturally. Rest ...

Change Step
Being in march; 1. Change step, 2. MARCH. At the c...

A Model Order For An Advance
Field Orders Hq. 1st Brigade...

School Of The Company
The company in line is formed in double rank with the...

Was It The Field Fairy?
Jack and his sister Nina were two little orphans who...

Preparing A Defensive Position
Now let us suppose ourselves as part of a battalion t...

For An Advance
Field Orders (Title...

This very important arm is the eye with which the gen...

The chief duty of the artillery is to support the inf...

Extinguishing Burning Clothes

Treatment: Lie down on the floor and roll up as tightly as possible in
a rug blanket, etc., leaving only the head out. If nothing can be
obtained in which to wrap yourself, lie down and roll over slowly and at
the same time beat out the fire with your hands. Flames shoot upward.
In order to get them away from the head, lie down. Don't run, it only
fans the flames.

If another person's clothing catches fire, throw him to the ground and
smother the fire as just described.

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