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Signals And Codes

First-aid Packet
Each soldier carries on his belt a first-aid packet. ...

The rear sight is set on a movable base so that it ca...

Advice Regarding Habits
Your life in camp in regard to food, exercise, hours ...

Attack And Defense
The European War has demonstrated more clearly than...

The Eatyoup
Dicky Duck was a very wise young fellow. He swam ab...

Meeting Engagements
When two hostile forces suddenly meet we have what is...

The Revenge Of The Fireflies
The Fireflies and the Goblins had always been good f...

To Load
Being in line or skirmish line at halt: 1. WITH DUMMY...

General Advice
To become a first-class drillmaster is desirable and ...

Extinguishing Burning Clothes

Treatment: Lie down on the floor and roll up as tightly as possible in
a rug blanket, etc., leaving only the head out. If nothing can be
obtained in which to wrap yourself, lie down and roll over slowly and at
the same time beat out the fire with your hands. Flames shoot upward.
In order to get them away from the head, lie down. Don't run, it only
fans the flames.

If another person's clothing catches fire, throw him to the ground and
smother the fire as just described.

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