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Hints On Rapid Fire
1. When you go to the firing point get two clips of c...

Mail is most often delayed because there is not suffi...

We recommend that each officer become familiar with t...

Bunny White, one night when the Fairies were holding...

Stack And Take Arms
The subject of stack and take arms is less important ...

Reports To Be Made
Officers in the Officers' Reserve Corps are required ...

Steps And Marchings
All steps and marchings executed from a halt, except ...

General Principles Of Target Practice
The most thrilling experience you will have at a ...

Close Order
In column of squads, each rank preserves the alignmen...

Treatment: Send for a doctor at once. Empty the stoma...

Esprit De Corps

Have too much esprit de corps to complain of the length of the march, or
to kick about the dust on the road. Be self-controlled. Don't boast of
your ability to march on forever. Such remarks are depressing to a tired
comrade who is not as physically strong as you.

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