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Secretary Of War Consulted About The Extension Of Our Territory To Include The District Between The Rappahannock And The Potomac Rivers

Headquarters, Middle Department,

8th Army Corps.

Baltimore, Mch. 18, 1865.

Lieut. Smith:

I want to see you at the office this evening at 7.30.

The Secretary of War wants to see you in Washington, and you

will have to go to-morrow morning.

Yours, &c.,


A. Adjutant Gen

I do not remember what the Secretary wanted, but as the following order

issued the next day, I assume it was to learn more of my purpose in the

extended territory asked for:

War Department,

Washington, D. C.,

Mch. 20, 1865.

Major W. H. Wiegel:

Provost Marshal at Baltimore is authorized to extend his

operations into the region between the Potomac and

Rappahannock Rivers known as the northern neck of Virginia.

(Signed) C. A. DANA,

Asst. Secretary of War.

Headquarters, Department of Missouri,

Office of Provost Marshal General,

St. Louis, Mo., Mch. 21, 1865.

Provost Marshal General,

Middle Department,

Baltimore, Md.

Sir.--In October last, the Military Prisons of this city being

in danger from the Rebel forces under Major General Sterling

Price, it was deemed prudent by General Rosecrans, then in

command of this Department, to transfer the occupants to the

Alton Prison. While this transfer was in progress, one of the

prisoners, Robert Loudan, alias Charles Veal, made his escape

from the guards by cutting his irons and jumping from the boat

into the river. He was then under sentence of death for being

a spy and a boat burner.

Loudan was lately heard from at New Orleans, where it was

reported he was in the custody of the Military authorities,

by whom he was subsequently released for the want of

sufficient evidence to hold him.

It is possible he has gone beyond our lines, but, if not, he

would be likely to make for some of the large cities of the

loyal States.

Loudan is a native of Philadelphia, where his wife now

resides; height, about five feet eight inches; complexion,

fair; large blue eyes constantly rolling and displaying a

great deal of white; hair and whiskers, fair; square

shoulders; usually wears a false moustache; wears his hat on

the back of his head.

This office is charged with his execution, and will incur any

amount of trouble to recapture him. If he is found within the

limits of your jurisdiction, please secure and forward him to

me or notify me of his arrest and I will send for him.

Very respectfully,

Your obdt. servt.,


Col. & Provost Marshal.

Headquarters, Middle Department,

8th Army Corps.

Baltimore, Mch. 31, 1865.

Special Order No. 55.

Lieut. H. B. Smith, 5th N. Y. H. Arty., Commanding Detective

Corps, Middle Department, 8th Army Corps, will proceed to

Washington, D. C., for the recovery of a colored boy,

kidnapped from Norfolk, Virginia, and will report to the

Provost Marshal of Washington, for any assistance he may


By command of Bvt. Brigadier General W. W. Morris.


Major & Actg. Provost Marshal.