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Military Training Articles

Preliminary Instruction
Your preliminary instructions and their purposes are ...

Making Up Your Pack
Immediately after reveille, take down your tent and m...

In the absence of regulations on the subject, each Re...

The rear sight is set on a movable base so that it ca...

Discontented Dewdrop
One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the peta...

1. Act quickly but quietly. Be calm and quiet. Don't ...

Heat Exhaustion--(the Skin Is Cool)
Symptoms: Nausea, a staggering gait, pulse is weak, a...

Target Practice
Military shooting or target practice is very differ...

A Model Order For An Advance
Field Orders Hq. 1st Brigade...

Route Step And At Ease
The column of squads is the habitual column of route,...


Treatment: Send for a doctor at once. Empty the stomach and bowels.
Give two tablespoons full of mustard and warm water or a tablespoon full
of salt in a glass of water to produce vomiting. Then give a purgative.
Tickle throat with finger or feather in case mustard or salt are not
procurable. After the poison has been evacuated, give stimulants and
apply heat and rubbing externally.

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