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General rule for changing the elevation after hitting...

For An Advance
Field Orders (Title...

Rules For Deployments
The command guide right (left or center) indicates the ...

The Theory Of The Defensive
The defensive is divided into the purely passive defe...

To Follow The Corporal
Being assembled or deployed, to march the squad without...

Little Never-upset
Little Never-upset was a roly-poly fellow, with weig...

Use Of The Combined Arms
Every efficient officer must realize the possibilitie...

Bombs And Hand Grenades
The present European War has revived the use of hand ...

Methods Of Estimating Distances By The Eye
1. Decide that the object cannot be more than a certa...

The Theory Of Attack
Decisive results are obtained only by the offensive. ...


Treatment: Send for a doctor at once. Empty the stomach and bowels.
Give two tablespoons full of mustard and warm water or a tablespoon full
of salt in a glass of water to produce vomiting. Then give a purgative.
Tickle throat with finger or feather in case mustard or salt are not
procurable. After the poison has been evacuated, give stimulants and
apply heat and rubbing externally.

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