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Information For Schools And Colleges Armed With Rifles Model 1898
War Department, Office of the Chief of Staff, Was...

During the hike your equipment for living will be limit...

Department Commander's Report
At the end of each calendar year department commander...

School Of The Company
The company in line is formed in double rank with the...

Close Order Drills
For several days after reporting you will undergo man...

Rear Guards
The rear guard is charged with the important duty of ...

Steps And Marchings
All steps and marchings executed from a halt, except ...

Rules Of Conduct For Camp Life
The first few days will be easy and profitable if you...

The Logical Way To Estimate The Situation
1st. Consider exactly what you are to do, i.e., your ...

Fill your canteen each evening, as the water wagons s...

Rapid Fire Target

This target is always used with the battle sight at 200, 300, and 500
yards rapid fire. Battle sight is the position of the rear sight when
the leaf is laid down, which is the habitual position of the rear sight
leaf at drill. It is an open sight, and corresponds to an elevation of
547 yards.

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