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Discontented Dewdrop
One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the peta...

Field Orders
Field orders, whether written or oral, should follow ...

Different Kinds Of Attack
The most usual kinds of attack are: Frontal Attack...

Establishing The Outpost
The outpost is posted as quickly as possible, so that...

To Diminish The Front Of A Column Of Squads
Being in column of squads: 1. Right (left) by twos, 2. ...

The Officers' Reserve Corps In War
In time of actual or threatened hostilities the Presi...

Bombs And Hand Grenades
The present European War has revived the use of hand ...

Inquisitive Mr Possum
It was Mr. Owl who gave the wood folk the warning by...

Estimating Distances By Sound
Sound travels at the rate of about 366 yards a second...

Old North Wind
Old North Wind lived away up in the North Pole Land ...

Use Of The Combined Arms

Every efficient officer must realize the possibilities and limitations
of his own arm of the service as well as the possibilities and
limitations of the other arms. Each arm of the service is necessary and
important. A proper understanding of the use of the combined arms is as
essential to success in battle as cooeperation between the different
members of a football team is to its success. Don't knock any arm but
the one you are in, and don't knock that unless you are willing to admit
you are not man enough to improve it.

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