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Military Training Articles

Sallie Hicks's Forefinger
Sallie Hicks was a little girl who was good most of ...

Manual Of Arms
To acquire proficiency in the Manual of Arms, you sho...

Withdrawal From Action
The withdrawal of a defeated force can generally be e...

The Rain Elves
The Rain Elf children had been shut up in their hous...

Fill Magazine
Take the position of load, if not already there, open t...

Miscellaneous Information
For convenience, military information is considered u...

Articles Of War
The Army is governed by the Articles of War, which ca...

Back Step
Being at a halt or mark time: 1. Backward, 2. MARCH. ...

Freezing And Frostbite
Symptom: The part frozen appears white or bluish and ...

To March By The Flank
Being in march: 1. By the right (left) flank, 2. MARC...

Assumption Of The Enemy

When reliable information of the enemy cannot be obtained, it must be
assumed that he has sense and will act with excellent judgment.

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