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Close Order Drills
For several days after reporting you will undergo man...

Duties Of A Patrol
Each reconnoitering patrol is given a certain mission...

Slow Fire
Following satisfactory gallery practise scores the me...

The Assembly
Being deployed: 1. Assemble, 2. MARCH. The men mov...

The leader should be an officer or a noncommissioned ...

To Follow The Corporal
Being assembled or deployed, to march the squad without...

Most of the gas used on the battlefield today is dead...

Articles Of War
The Army is governed by the Articles of War, which ca...

First Aid To The Injured
In the army, as in civilian life, you are very often ...

Snake Bite
In snake bites the poison acts quickly. Treatment:...

Articles Of War

The Army is governed by the Articles of War, which can be found in the
Army Regulations. Any laws, orders, et cetera, pertaining to the Army
must not violate directly or indirectly any of the Articles of War. It
is therefore desirable that each Reserve Officer know where to find them
and become, in a general way, familiar with them.

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