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Military Training Articles

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An infantry soldier goes into battle carrying 220 rounds of rifle
ammunition. He habitually carries in his belt 100 rounds and when a
fight is imminent he gets 120 rounds (2 bandoliers) from his combat
train. He keeps 30 rounds in the right pocket section of his belt to be
expended only when ordered by an officer.

A cavalryman goes into battle carrying 150 rounds of rifle ammunition
and 40 rounds of pistol ammunition. He habitually carries in his belt 90
rounds of rifle and 20 rounds of pistol ammunition. When about to go
into a fight he gets 60 rounds of rifle and 20 rounds of pistol
ammunition from his combat train.

All officers must train their men to economize in the use of ammunition.
Train service, even by rail for ammunition, would be inadequate if this
were not done.

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