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The Charge
There can be no rule to tell you when to charge. It m...

The Advance
The advance of a company into an engagement whether f...

Treatment: Keep parts dry, use talcum powders and k...

Pussy Willow's Furs
Miss Pussy Willow put on her furs one day in March a...

To March To The Rear
Being in march: 1. To the rear, 2. MARCH. At the c...

General Advice
To become a first-class drillmaster is desirable and ...

False Information
Unless instructions have been given to spread false i...

When Jack Frost Was Young
Not that he is old now, for Jack is a snappy, bright...

First Aid To The Injured
In the army, as in civilian life, you are very often ...

Infantry Battalion
Four companies of infantry. (There are three battalio...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Defensive

The defense has the following advantages over the attack:

(1) Troops attacking afford a better target than the troops on the

(2) A larger amount of ammunition is usually available.

(3) The men can shoot better because they are not fatigued by advancing.

(4) Losses will be less if good cover is secured.

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