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Advice To Officers
A company of infantry is composed of three officers a...

To Diminish The Front Of A Column Of Squads
Being in column of squads: 1. Right (left) by twos, 2. ...

Machine Guns
Before the present European War, machine guns were cl...

Assumption Of The Enemy
When reliable information of the enemy cannot be obta...

Rapid Fire
In rapid fire the battle sight is always used; the fi...

Esprit De Corps
Have too much esprit de corps to complain of the leng...

Discontented Dewdrop
One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the peta...

General Principles Of Target Practice
The most thrilling experience you will have at a ...

School Of The Company
The company in line is formed in double rank with the...

What To Bring
1. Travel light. Bring only the bare necessities ...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Defensive

The defense has the following advantages over the attack:

(1) Troops attacking afford a better target than the troops on the

(2) A larger amount of ammunition is usually available.

(3) The men can shoot better because they are not fatigued by advancing.

(4) Losses will be less if good cover is secured.

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