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Stack And Take Arms
The subject of stack and take arms is less important ...

Disadvantages Of The Defense
(1) The defender surrenders the advantage of the init...

Relieving The Outpost
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Advice To Officers
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The Tell-tale Goblin
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Slow Fire
Following satisfactory gallery practise scores the me...

Everything else being equal the army that possesses...

Care Of The Rifle
Keep the metal part of your rifle covered with a thin...

Fire Discipline
Now we come to the individual private on the firing l...

Rear Guards
The rear guard is charged with the important duty of ...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Defensive

The defense has the following advantages over the attack:

(1) Troops attacking afford a better target than the troops on the

(2) A larger amount of ammunition is usually available.

(3) The men can shoot better because they are not fatigued by advancing.

(4) Losses will be less if good cover is secured.

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