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We recommend that all officers, non-commissioned offi...

The Fire Attack
The principles governing the advance of the firing li...

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The Charge

There can be no rule to tell you when to charge. It may be from 25 to
400 yards. The common sense (tactical instinct) of the senior ranking
officer on the firing line must tell him the psychological moment to
order the charge. That moment will be when your fire has broken down the
enemy's fire, broken his resistance, and destroyed his morale. The
artillery increases its range. The firing line and remaining supports
fix bayonets. The former increases the rate of fire, the latter rush
forward under the protection of this fire, join the firing line and give
it the necessary impetus. Together they rush at the enemy's position. No
restraint is placed upon their ardor. Confidence in their ability to use
the bayonet gives the charging troops the promise of success. If the
charge is successful, the nearest formed bodies are sent instantly in
pursuit and under cover of them the commands are reorganized, order
restored, and arrangements made to resist a counter attack. If the
charge is unsuccessful the artillery or any formed troops in rear cover
the withdrawal.

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