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Route Step And At Ease
The column of squads is the habitual column of route,...

To Halt
To arrest the march in quick or double time: 1. Squad...

The Theory Of The Defensive
The defensive is divided into the purely passive defe...

Everything else being equal the army that possesses...

Advance Guards
An advance guard is a detachment of the main body whi...

Old North Wind
Old North Wind lived away up in the North Pole Land ...

Bombs And Hand Grenades
The present European War has revived the use of hand ...

Broken Bone (fracture)
The next injury you must know is a broken bone. You w...

How To Clean A Rifle And Bayonet
Get a rag and rub the heavy grease off; then get a so...

To Follow The Corporal
Being assembled or deployed, to march the squad without...


Treatment: Keep parts dry, use talcum powders and keep parts separated
by a layer of absorbent cotton.

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