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It is impossible to lay down any hard-and-fast rule gov...

Mail is most often delayed because there is not suffi...

Arm Signals
The following arm signals are prescribed. In making s...

We recommend that all officers, non-commissioned offi...

Loadings And Firings
The commands for loading and firing are the same whet...

Final Suggestions
Don't be profane or tell questionable stories to your...

The Playroom Wedding
Paper Doll had been the maid of honor, but she did n...

Each applicant for a commission in the Reserve Corps ...

Encountering The Enemy
If a small hostile patrol is encountered it is genera...

Suppose the company to be in line. In executing: ...


This very important arm is the eye with which the general sees for many
miles to the front and flank. In an advance it pushes ahead, combs the
country for the enemy, disperses his cavalry, and thus protects the
infantry in the rear. It locates the enemy, and occupies his attention
until the infantry comes up. It protects the flanks and rear of the
infantry and artillery during the fight. If needed, it joins in the
fight. If the infantry is defeated it covers the withdrawal, and if the
infantry wins it pursues and pounces upon the enemy.

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