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Practise March Or Hike
The manoeuver practice march will be the most instr...

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In forming the advance guard of a command smaller tha...

Rear Guards
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Discontented Dewdrop
One morning a little Dewdrop was resting on the peta...

Junior Division
A junior division of the Reserve Officers' Training C...

Strength And Composition
The strength of a rear guard depends upon the nature ...

Mail is most often delayed because there is not suffi...

Duties Of A Patrol
Each reconnoitering patrol is given a certain mission...

Close Order Drills

For several days after reporting you will undergo many hours of close
order drill. You will ask yourself, Why is all this mental and physical
strain necessary when these exercises are not used in battle? The
answer is: they are disciplinary exercises and are designed to inculcate
that prompt and subconscious obedience which is essential to proper
military control and to teach you precise and soldierly movements;
hence, they are executed at attention.

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